Patrice X. Thiry

Patrice X. THIRY

Founding Partner

Amongst my biggest passions I would name the following: entrepeneurship, providing support to entrepreneurs, creating new products and services that have a major impact on existing consumer behaviors and habits, fostering success, and achieving success through teamwork.

After spending five years in London working for an American group as head of a business unit that managed over 30 countries, in 2000 I decided to return to France to create « THE start up » called ProwebCE.

Seventeen years later – and due to the very talented and skilled people I had the chance to hire – this start up now employs over 400 employees and generated €210M in sales and €23M in EBITDA in 2017. After seventeen years spent working really hard as an entrepreneur, in 2018 I decided to sell my company to a group that shared my core values and ambitions. I’m very proud to have sold this incredible company to an amazing group that’s made up of people who really care, who have strong core values: « an entrepreneurial spirit », « respect », « a customer-first attitude », « imagination » and « simplicity ». I’m very happy to have been named the VP of eCommerce & Employee Benefits Platform at Edenred.

I’m truly grateful for the seventeen years I spent at ProwebCE. It was an incredible story and I’m thankful to everyone who allowed me to live that experience. It still seems magical to me.

I owe a lot to my French-American education (Babson College, ESSEC, Dauphine) and I have to thank my parents, who enabled me to study in the U.S. while I was still very young. I could spend hours describing how amazing the culture, the mindset and the French-American history were (obviously taking into consideration the positive aspects on both sides and not the opposite!) At that time, Silicon Valley wasn’t the temple of tech quite yet, so I decided to land in Boston when I was only 17.

I also owe a lot to my wife, Agnès, who made me a better person and boosted my self-confidence and brought me the serenity required when you are an entrepreneur. She also gave me the two beautiful children I always dreamt of.

And now? The adventure continues, please feel free to share your projects with me, I will be happy to assist if I can.