Following the sale of ProwebCE to Edenred, I decided to reinvest a significant portion of my assets into the dynamic Tech ecosystem. This isn’t my full time job – I’m also the VP of eCommerce & Employee Benefits Platform at the Edenred group.

To learn this new job and meet with key players, I started by investing in VC funds such as: ISAI, Partech Seed, Partech Africa, Daphni, Paris Saclay Seed Fund, Xange, and more recently Meeschaert Capital Partners.

I then started investing directly in startups, mostly through seed funding. I’ve invested in companies such as: Starting Dot (sold to Afilias), Kactus, SunPartner, DataDome, Fox Intelligence, Studapart, SMartHab, Clac des doigts, Honestica, Pinpo, New Deal, Iotas, and Comet Meetings amongst others.

My specialty remains in B2B (or even better, B2B2C) as well as eCommerce (not tied to GAFA) businesses, but I’m open to any interesting opportunities.

My decision making process is fast, simple and is based on the following key elements:

1. Founder(s) skills: Open-minded, agile, ambitious, and able to demonstrate great leadership abilities and a strong vision
2. Project: Operating in a large and growing market with room for disruption
3. Diligence: Cross-checking the level of interest from other funds I’m invested in

It’s important to note that my investments are not limited to one round of funding. I provide support to the entrepreneurs I work with throughout their company’s lifecycle, from seed stage through series A and beyond.

I’m planning to invest 12M€ by the end of 2019, with investments ranging from €50K to €600K.

If this first phase is successful, I will most likely launch a second fund that will enable individual and institutional investors to co-invest with me.

Patrice X. THIRY

ProwebCE Founder (sold to Edenred, Apr 2018),
Founding Partner Tomcat Capital,
Vice President E-Commerce Edenred.